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What Are The Best Blenders For Juicing In 2017: A Detailed Guide And Reviews

Finding a perfect blender for juicing is really a tough job for a new user. In the market, there are lots of blenders.  It is really a tough decision to determine which one is good for juicing.

Fortunately, there are some good blenders for juicing. You need to research it well to select one good blender for your next cup of juice.

In this article, I  will suggest you five best blenders for juicing which helps to pick one.  I always advise you to research it before purchasing any expensive item.

Blender is a necessary element for our kitchen. Whether you are making smoothies or juice, blender is an essential element for our purpose. I always recommend you buy a juicer to make your juicing. But, you can use a blender for juicing when you do not want to buy a juicer by giving some extra bucks from your pocket. The primary difference of blender and juicer is that a blender processes a whole thing including fibers of vegetables or fruits whereas juicer separates pulp and extracts water.

Juicer vs blender: That Video Gives Some Differences Between Them

What is the best blender for juicing: A side by side comparison among 5 blenders

Product NameImage   
Brverille BJB840XLbreville juicer small image3.5$$$Check More Information
Ninja Professional Blender 1100-Wattninja professional blender4.4$$Check More Information
Ninja Kitchen System 1200Ninja Kitchen System4.3$$$Check More Information
VonShef 4 in 1 Multifunctionalvonshef multifunctional blender small4.1$$Check More Information
Ninja Master Prep Professionalninja master blender4.5$$Check More Information

Brverille  BJB840XL Review:

breville blender - One of the best blender for juicing

Brverille BJB840XL is multipurpose equipment that works as blender and juicer both. That compact and sleek blender is a perfect blender for juicing and smoothie.

You can make smoothies and juice from wide range of items including kiwi, carrots and so on.

What we like:

  1. it has one extra large chute that enables you to push vegetable and fruits without precutting. it is a great deal for times shabby people or the people who do not want to work more.
  2. 5 variable power settings enable you to set power according to your requirements.
  3. Cleaning is easy for that blender. This blender includes pulp removal tool with brush and a blade removal tool. All attachment of that blender is dishwasher safe which enables you to clean that blender easily.
  4. it is a space saving machine which requires less space in your kitchen.
  5. Overload protection is a great feature for that blender. So, you do not need to worry about overloading problem.

What we do not like:

  1. It is a little bit pricey from our point of view. if you are searching other blenders, you will get a cheaper one for sure.But, as it serves as blender and juicer, those facilities may be great compensation for your price. It is  a good blender for you juicing and smoothies.
    Check Price On Amazon


Ninja Professional Blender 1100-Watts Review:

ninja professional blender for juicing and smoothie

Ninja kitchen system is a powerful blender for your kitchen. It is one of the best blenders for juicing and smoothies

What we like about it.

  1. I like it 1100 watts motor. It enables blender to do quick and smooth blending. You know that powerful motor is one of the selection criteria of a blender.
  2. It is embedded with crushing technology which will crush your fruits and vegetable in a very short time.
  3. Dishwasher safe facility helps you to clean it in a dishwasher.Just put it in your dishwasher with the normal procedure and clean it.
  1. It has comparatively large container (XL 72oz), you can make juice or smoothies for your whole family.
  2. 3 different speed setting from which you can choose the right one.
  3. price of that blender is a little bit cheaper than a regular juicer.
  4. It makes both juice and smoothies for you.

What we do not like about it.

  1. This is super level blender but, there are arguments against its juicing quality.
  2. it is tall one. So, you can not keep it on the upper level in a kitchen cabinet.
  3. Some people like glass jar but unfortunately that blenders comes with a plastic jar. But, this is not a big deal i   guess.
Check Price On Amazon

ninja-kitchen system blender for juicing

It is good blender made by famous ninja company. That blender also works perfectly for your juicing. It comes with1100 watt power which is ideal for blending

 What we like about that product:

  1. It has very powerful blades that can crush your food and vegetables in a short time. Powerful blade feature could be a pros or a cons.You need to watch your finger even the blender is unplugged. Obviously, keep your kids away from that blade.
  1. According to some reviewers, the cleaning is very easy for that blender. One of the features of that blender is dishwasher safe. If you have a facility of a dishwasher, you can easily use a dishwasher to clean it. Otherwise, you fill it with some soapy water and turn it on. do the process twice when is much dirty
  1. You can easily get expired parts. Ninja company is a great one when it comes to expiring parts. You can always purchase it at a reasonable price point.
  2. Ice crushing is super easy with this blender. As it has a powerful motor and sharp blade, you can crush ice in seconds.

 what we do not like about that product:

  1. Not Glass: Some people wants glass jar when it comes for the container. But, that blender does not come with a glass jar.
  2. No Single Serve Cup: Unlike many other blenders on the market, This blender has no single serve cup.
  3. The manufacturer may want to produce it as a personal blender.
Check Price On Amazon


VonShef 4 in 1 Multifunctional Review:

vonshef multifunctional blender for juicing

This blender is a good one if you are in a tight budget and want an affordable multifunctional blender for you.

That is a cheaper alternative to many expensive ones.  You can do juicing, grinding and making smoothies with this blender.

What we like about that product:

  1. We like it for its price. it is a multifunctional blender for a low and reasonable price. Whether you are a money shabby or do not want to spend much for your juicing blender, that is good one for you.
  1. It comes with pulse function and overheat protection. You can use pulse function when you need some extra power. Overheating protection will shut off it automatically

What we do not like:

  1. The Manufacturer does not mention whether it is bpa free product or not. Bpa free plastic makes the plastic part of blender hygienic for your health.
  2. it has only 220 watts. The powerful motor is essential for a good blender. when it comes to a comparison with other blenders about power, it merely low.But, you should consider that it is cheap one you will what you are paying for.
  1. According to a review, putting ice for blending could damage your blades.
Check Price On Amazon

Ninja Master Prep Professional Review:

ninja master prep -juicing blender

This is another cheap blender which comes from popular ninja company.  That is ultra cheap and affordable.

In addition, It could crush ice very nicely. This is a multifunctional blender. it could chop vegetables and do food processing.

What we like about that blender:

  1. it has three jar that is convenient to use according to your choice. You can select one according to your need.
  2. We like its multi functionality. You could do many functions with it.
  3. This blender is cost effective one. It comes from a famous company while it is still cheap compared to many others.
  4. 3 different size container
  5. The parts is dishwasher safe and you can easily clean it.

What we do not like about it:

  1. Top loading motor means you can not add food while running it. You must stop it when you want to add some items.
  2. According to reviews, it is hard to clean if you do not own any dishwasher
Check Price On Amazon


Definitely, juicing is nutritious for your health. In our daily busy life, our health demand something nutritious and juice can fulfill some of the needs. Off course, you can buy some juice from the market and drink it. But, the focal point is that does the juice available in the market beat your home made fresh juice. You will know what you are uing and the freshness of ingredients  when you are making juice in your home.  And, I am highly recommending to buy one masticating juicer for freshness and other benefits if you could afford one

I have figured out 5 best blenders for juicing.  Hope that it will help you to find one blender. If you are not satisfied with our selection, just research more, and I hope you will get one for your need.


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