NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja: Which One To Choose

Blender is essential tools for our daily life. We are leading an incredibly busy life which encourages us to grab some quick food like fast food but, our health needed something nutritious and healthy.   There are lots of benefits of smoothie that you know. We are not going to this topic.  We are coming to our focal point. We are presenting side by side comparison between NutriBullet and Nutri Ninja.

NutriBullet and Nurti Ninja both are good market players in blender industry which help you to make your smoothie quickly and effectively. Both are good and affordable. If you are in a hesitation to find out which one is better suitable for you, we are going to help you to find one. To select between those items, you need to choosy. Both products have different features to fulfill your needs.

NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja: A side by side Comparison

 Nutribullet Pro 900
Nutri Ninja Pronutri-ninja-blender-small
Warranty1 Year1 year
Blades2 blades2 blades
cup2 cups- 18 oz. and 24 oz.
Recipe bookincludedincluded
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NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja: Which blender wins race

NutriBullet Pro 900 Reviews:

nutri bullet


What We Like:

  • This handy little blender comes with 900-watt motor and 2 extractor blades. It has higher rpm that allows you to blend your smoothies in even consistency.
  • Bigger cup(32oz cup) helps you to make lots of smoothie at a time. Other than making a glass of smoothie you can puree soup and grind you coffee bean too.
  • It is easy to clean and you do need to have much hassle for cleaning it.
  • BPA free feature makes it safe to some extent.
  • The manufacturer makes it under the compliance of US & Canadian Electrical Standards
  • That blender comes with one-year limited warranty
  • It is a cheap and cost efficient blender. You do not need to use lots of money to buy that is a good choice if  your budget is tight



  • IF you see rusting on the bearing, you need to clean it.
  • The fact is that it is not made for unlimited time. After a certain time, it is disposable and may be replaced by another one.



It is not super cheap, but it is not costly too.  You can grab that powerful blender for your daily usage like to make smoothies, grinding coffee and so on.


Nutri Ninja Pro Reviews:

nutri ninja blender


What We like:

  • That 900-watt blender comes with lots of facilities to make you a cup of smoothies. It has powerful Nutrition and vitamin extractor that extracts the vitamins and mineral from your fruits and vegetables.
  • It has a 900-watt motor which will definitely give extra muscle to crush veggies fruits for your smoothies.
  • It has power blades that can crush seeds, ices and stems to make your smoothie consistent and convenient.
  • The blades of Nutri Ninja is less flat than the other blender. So, that blender helps you to make more smoothie in less time.
  • Crushing ice technology can crush ice to make healthy smoothies. The blades are powerful which can crush items in a short time.
  • Nutria ninja BL450 is a single serve blender and 24 come with to cup -18 oz.
  • All parts of that blender are BPA free . You know that plastic has the substance that can create many health diseases including cancer. The positive thing is that that blender comes with BPA free.
  • It is dishwasher safe. So, you can clean it in your dishwasher.


Unlike many other products, that smoothie maker is not out of drawbacks.

  • You know it has power blades, but it is a single serve blender. You could not make lots of smoothies at a time.
  • Another problem of that blender is that it has difficulty with dry foods.


Verdict: Nutri Ninja is cost much less. You do not need to spend a lot of money for it. But, the purpose of that blender is limited. Simply, you could not make things out of its line of duty.

It is hard to give one preference for us to choose one. If you are asking a question which one is best,  The answer might be both have pros and cons.

Both are cost effective blender you could purchase with little money. Which one your choice depends on your excellent sense of judgment and requirement


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