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Top 5 Best Blenders Under 100 Dollar For Smoothie: You Can Consider

A blender is an essential tool for our daily kitchen life, especially for smoothie fan. Obviously, you can choose smoothie shop to have your delicious smoothie, or you can select to make your nutritious smoothie from the comfort of your home. Making a smoothie in your home saves your money, and you know at least know what you are eating in your smoothie. You could get lots of smoothie recipes from here

You will see that priced blenders are featuring in popular website and magazine because of their performance. But, if your budget is tight for blender, you should not be upset. Under 100 dollar you may not get the best performer blender, but you will get a good blender for making your regular smoothie.

Below we are presenting best blenders under 100 dollar you can consider:

Product NameImageRatingPrice 
The Ninja Professional NJ600

ninja blender4.5$$Check More Info
Waring Pro PBB225waring pro blender3.5$$Check More Info
Black + Decker Fusion Blade Digital BL1820SG-Pblack decker blender for smoothi3.5$$Check More Info
Nutri Ninja Pro –BL450nutri ninja pro4.5$$Check More Info
Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blendermagic bullet nutri bullet blender4.5$$Check More Info

The Ninja Professional NJ600 Review:

ninja professional cheap blender

The Ninja Professional is innovative blender with it remarkable sleek design. It comes with six blades technology. So, you do not need not pre-chop your vegetable. Just toss your vegetable in 72-ounce pitcher and that blender do the rest to make your smoothies. The Ninja Professional comes with 1000 watt power motor which is suitable for heavy duty. It is an ideal for crushing ice cube. You can crush any frozen vegetables and fruits to make your smoothies easily.

Some other  good benefits of that blender are that it is BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe.  Furthermore, You don’t need to hassle with its cord as it has Cord Storage.

One con is that that blender is not blending with the smooth consistency. if that is your essential option for blender, that blender is not your blender.

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Warring Pro PBB225 Review:

waring pro blender fro smoothie

This is another best smoothie blender under 100 dollar. It is known for its heavy duty. This industrial grade and professional blender are for the people with less budget. This professional blender makes you a great smoothie. It is dishwasher safe blender for glass and lid.

The design of that blender is old and stainless base which attracts many people. Unlike many other blenders, the jar of that blender is metal. So you do not need to worry about breaking jar. This blender does a great job for crushing ice.

The warranty period of that blender is one year. But, the problem is that you have pay shipping charge.

This blender comes with two power setting options.

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Black + Decker Fusion Blade Digital BL1820SG-P Review:

black and becker fusion blade

Fusion Blade can crush ice quickly, and it could make balanced smoothies. Digital Control has 4 control which enables you to select one according to your needs. plus, it has  preset smoothie making setting that gives a glass of smoothie within 30 seconds.  Being embedded with 2 jar -48 oz jar and 20 oz , you can make  a large quantity of smoothies and single serve smoothies according to your choice.

The pitcher, lid, and blade is dishwasher safe and it could be cleaned easily.It comes with 2-years limited warranty. So, you could choose it definitely.

However, we could not make any guarantee that your smoothie is without any flecks of fruit and ice. It is not the best performer in the market as its price point is low and it can not offer all facilities that you need.

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Nutri Ninja Pro –BL450 Review:

nutri ninja 450

It comes with 900wt professional power, and it is good at nutrient and vitamin extraction. The blade of blenders is made of stainless steel that can cut stems , and seeds and crush ice at a suitable manner.

It comes with 30 delicious recipes that you can use. It safe as all parts come with dishwasher free and BPA safe. This blender is a power and single serve blender with 24 oz jar smoothies.

It is a single serve blender that prevents you from making larger quantity to smoothies at a time. Another problem of that blender is that its rpm is little bit low(21000 rpm)

Check Price On Amazon

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender Review:

magic bullet nutri bullet blender

That complete stainless steel blender could provide you smoothies without any chunk. 600-watt motor and high-speed blend can you crush every particle of fruits and vegetable while important fiber remained. As that blender do not waste any pulp ,the blender is easy to clean. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe. It is made under the electronics standard of Canada and the United States of America.

One con of that product is that when if you wants a warranty you have to send all parts along with purchasing receipt.

Check Price On Amazon

Blender is an essential tool for our daily life especially who like smoothies. The best is a relative term. Which blender do you choice really depends on many factors like your budget, a task you want to do with that blender, warranty period ,manufacturer’s recognition and so other.

We have recommended a couple of best blender under that price point. Research more and buy your blender according to your choice.


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