Top 5 Best Juicers For Wheatgrass In 2017

Wheatgrass juice is a good form of nutrition for health. Our daily life is incredibly busy, but our body demand some nutritious drink. Wheatgrass juice can help you to add some nutrition in your everyday lives.

There are numerous benefits of wheatgrass juice. Wheat grass juice will stimulate your blood cell while improving your blood sugar problem. However, stating benefits of wheatgrass is not our focus point. Our focal point, for now, is to help to decide one wheatgrass juicer for your next juice.

There are two types of wheatgrass juicers. One is manual, and another one is electrical. Manual juicer usages your manual energy to make juice. It is a good one if you want that there is nothing else between you and your juice. As manual one does not need electricity to run, you can take it with you in traveling and camping.  On the other hand, electric juicer uses electricity to make your juice. It is comparatively easy to make juice with an electric one. You do not need to use your muscle power to make juice. But, that types juicer is costlier than a manual juicer.

Juicer should slow but strong when you are considering juicer for wheatgrass. But, it is not always possible. Below we are providing you 5  best wheatgrass juicers. You can buy one of those to make your nutritious wheatgrass juice.

Top 5 best Juicers For Wheatgrass: A Side By Side Comparison

Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center
Omega juicer4.4$$$ElectricCheck More Information
Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juice
hurricane juicer
4.4$$$ManualCheck More Information
Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steelmiracle-juicer4.1$$$ManualCheck More Information
Nutriteam HD-7700 Low Speed Juicernutriteam  juicer4.7$$$ElectricCheck More Information
Tribest Z-Star Z-510Tribest juicer small 3.8$$ManualCheck More Information

Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center  Review:

omega nutrition center juicer for wheatgrass

Omega is a well-known brand in juicer industry.  if you are an avid juice, you may know that name.

What we Like:

  1. Omega NC900HDC is slow juicer with only 80 round per minute it has dual stage extractor and automatic pulp extraction facility.
  2. Slow rpm enables it to gives you natural taste and color.   That juicer is efficient enough to give you dry pulp while extracting maximum nutrition from wheatgrass and leafy green.
  3. For different types of juice lovers it has 5 preset setting and the motor of that bender is stable and long lasting
  4. You can process a high volume of products because it is embedded with a large chute.
  5. The cleaning process of that juicer is easy, and you do need to have a lot of hassle for cleaning. For wheat grass enthusiastic, this juicer works great with wheat grass


  1. This is a little bit costly for the people who are in tight budget.
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Hurricane  Wheatgrass Juicer Review:



That is juicer manual wheatgrass  juicer and you need manual energy to make your wheatgrass juicer. That juicer is excellent juicer for making juice from wheat if you are searching manual juicer.  It is easy to operate. Just use your manual energy to make juice for it. You can quickly clean it, and it is dishwasher safe. The assembly of that juicer is not complicated. It is thick and can be fitted in short space area. This juicer is portable and does not need any electricity to run it. SO you can take it while you are going for camping or traveling.

Comparative to other electric wheat grass juicer, it is relatively cheaper one.  So, people with a tight budget can buy that item.

It comes with 1-year warranty and 30-day full money back guarantee.


  1. That is juicer is made for wheatgrass juicing. You can make juice from bear grass and fruits too.
  2. But, if you try to make juice from carrot or hard vegetables, you will be disappointed.
  3. It is excellent for wheatgrass and especially makes for that purpose.
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Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Review:


What we Like:

Miracle exclusive is a stainless steel manual wheatgrass juicer that works great for wheatgrass, soft fruit, and so on. It is one of best juicer for leafy green.  The working process of that juicer is relatively simple. More than that it is easy to clean manual gear wheat grass juicer.  You can maximize the juice extraction with that juice.

Manual that means low rpm.  Low Rpm help it to generate low oxidation so you could have with less foam.  The cost of that juicer is relatively low than many wheat grass juicer in the market.


You may expect heat generated from that juicer if you turning handle too fast. A quick  and solution is turning the handle a little bit lower.

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Nutriteam HD-7700 Low-Speed Juicer Review:


This is another favorite wheatgrass juicer you can consider.  Like other juicer in the market, this is slow juicer with only 47 rpm.

Nutriteam is smooth juicer that creates less noise.  In generally slow juicer extract more juice from your wheatgrass.

Other than wheatgrass, it works great with hard fruits.  Little space needed is another facility for that juicer. You need a little space to store it on your kitchen shelf.  it is embedded with auto cleaning facility to help you clean it.  It has auto pulp ejection facility.That juicer is durable and made for long term usages.


  1. The parts of that product is not dishwasher safe. So, it is risky to clean it in a dishwasher .
  2. Another problem of that juicer is that it is little bit slow juicer.
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Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Review:


Tribest Z star is a manual juicer which is comparatively cheaper one.  it is light weight and ultra portable juicer that is perfect for carrying with you for traveling.

if you are juicing enthusiastic, you have lots of option including fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

This is slow juicer that processes your wheatgrass gently to give you a glass of fresh wheatgrass juice.


 You got only one year warranty that is a drawback of that juicer.

As this is a manual juicer, you need to use manual energy to make juice.  If you do not like manual labor, it is a problematic item.

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Wheatgrass is a nutritious element. It has some certain types of nutrition that are good for health. So far, we have suggested you 5 best juicers for wheatgrass.   Those are manual and electrical both. Some wheat grass juicer is costlier than others. So, make a decision according to your judgment. If you are not happy with our selection, we are recommending you research more.


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