Top 5 Best Toaster Ovens Under 100 dollars in 2017

Are you searching a toaster oven that is ultra-cheap and mostly affordable for you?

The good news is that finding the best toaster oven under 100 dollar is not a hard job that you seem.

Under that price point, you may not find fancy one, but you will at least a good one.

A toaster oven is an important small appliance for your kitchen. Whether you like toasted sandwiches or Bruschetta, a toaster oven is a must have appliance for you.

The 5 best toaster ovens under $100 dollar: Side by Side comparison



The Most Recommended Oven

black decker toaster oven large- Most recommended Best toaster ovens under 100

This is one of best  toaster ovens under 100 dollars and it is top most recommended under that price point.

What we like:

Dimension:  The dimension of that oven is fanatics. One can easily bake a 12-inch pizza in it. It is popular for its large dimension.

Temperature: it is a fantastic blender  With the highest temperature  450 degrees.

Convection Air facility: The convection air facility of that oven circulate air around the oven.

120-minute timer Duration: The timer duration is 120 minutes that is adjustable according to user’s need. When you need short time set a shorter duration and when you need a large chunk of time use larger duration.

Digital Control: It comes with a digital control facility, you can choose your time with finger touch point. It has also digital led display which shows you cooking information.

Cleaning: Cleaning of the device is super easy. You can easily remove crumb tray and clean it.

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Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven:


What we like about that product:

Small size:  The oven is small which you can easily put on the counter top. But, don’t worry, in that blender, you can easily put 12-inch pizza.

Different options: It has three different options from which you can choose one according to your need.

Convection facility: Convection facility easily circulates air through the oven. So that heat is distributed properly.

Cleaning: It is easy to keep clean as you do not have worry about food spilling in the door.


The noise of that oven is extremely low to none. Obviously, you could hear some timer alarm sound.

Oster Large Capacity Review:


This is another good toaster oven under that price point.  This is a digital convection oven which is  embedded with some good features.

What we like:

Interior Size: The pan size of that toaster oven is really large one. It is 13″ X 9″. You can easily put whole chicken here. For pizza lover,  it is a good one who makes pizza frequently.. you can easily accommodate one large pizza(12 inches) in that oven.

convection function: It is a convection function enabled toasted. Convection facility circulate air whole oven.

Little oven: This is a good little oven.  It is a good fit where there is space shortage in counter. the external dimension of that oven is.19.76 X 11.38X15.37 inches.

Digital control panel: It has a friendly digital control panel. you could choose one from a variety of cooking function. just Select function whatever you like I,e pizza, toast and so on.


Digital Display: Yes the price of that blender is affordable. But, it does not come with a digital display.

Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven Review:


What we like about it:

Extra-large facility: if you need one extra-large oven, it is a nice one. it is an efficient toaster when you

Want to make pizza for the whole family. You can make 16-inch pizza with a time.

Convection oven: It comes with convection technology so that heat is distributed evenly.

Energy efficient:  This is an energy efficient toaster oven This blender may usages up to 50 percent less energy than a conventional blender.


Interior Light: there is no interior light of that toaster oven. Interior is  a feature that is needed sometimes in a toaster oven.

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KitchenAid KCO273SS Review:


This is another good toaster oven that you may consider. This is a great toaster oven with lots of facility under that price point.

What we like:

Convection Technology: This oven is embedded with convection technology. Convection technology will circulate heat properly

Programmed functions: I have 9 pre-programmed function, you could choose one according to your cooking choice with a finger touch.

Power Cord: the power cord is 30 inches so that you can move it in case your need.

Preheat and Fast broiling facility: It could preheat very quickly that we love. More than that,

You can broil fast with that oven, It will give you fast and effective broiling.

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When you are buying a cheap oven, always consider the price and features you are getting from that oven. In that article, I have mentioned 5 best toaster ovens under 100 dollars. I hope my choice will justify your purchase. If those 5 selections could not satisfy your need, you need to research more.


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